Reagan ad

I hope you don’t think we’re being partisan; this is the second ad we’ve posted from the anti-Trump Lincoln Project. It’s audacious. It juxtaposes the soundtrack of an ad run by a previous Republican president with images from the current Republican presidency. To good effect.


It seems nothing can escape the advertising jingle. In the briefing meeting on reducing methane emissions some creative puts his hand up and says ‘don’t worry guys; I got this: a country n’ western jingle with a kid in a 10 gallon hat’.

Cheap and brutal

The Lincoln Project is a group of Republican wonks who believe Donald Trump is a threat to America. They are campaigning for his removal at the ballot box. Their videos generate millions of hits. They are crowd-funded and the ads are harder-hitting than the Democrat’s official campaign ads. And they’re quick; no approvals process. This one was up within 24 hours of the allegation being made. Likely we’ll see similar third-party political advertising plays in Australia and other countries. High on message-focus and timeliness, low on production values.