The wasted logo

Imagine you’re Daren Newman, given the job of designing the unofficial logo for the Olympic Games. You do the job; you cleverly combine the national flag and the five rings and the design is described by most in the industry as a masterclass in design. Can’t wait for 4 billion people to see that on TV…

Olympics logo. The number 2020 forms the 5 circles; the last is the solid red of the rising sun

Cheap and brutal

The Lincoln Project is a group of Republican wonks who believe Donald Trump is a threat to America. They are campaigning for his removal at the ballot box. Their videos generate millions of hits. They are crowd-funded and the ads are harder-hitting than the Democrat’s official campaign ads. And they’re quick; no approvals process. This one was up within 24 hours of the allegation being made. Likely we’ll see similar third-party political advertising plays in Australia and other countries. High on message-focus and timeliness, low on production values.