Hi. I’m famous.

Featuring the eloquent Ice T. There’s a series of these ads but the rest of them suck. This one, on the other hand; this genuinely looks like ‘not trying’.

The campaign, by Wieden+Kennedy, doubled brand recognition plus some. Wicked packaging hey.

Perfect game

303 Mullenwag team with trophy and oversized winner's cheque

As you know, a perfect game in Ten Pin Bowling is 300, and 303 Mullenlowe just took out the WA leg of the Australian Traffic Network’s Big Bowling Bash. Props to Kelly McIlwraith’s ATN team: a big, fun night with over a hundred low performance athletes mostly in the gutter.

303 and AdZoo, the runners-up, now head to Sydney for the Nationals, competing for a $20,000 prize – you read that right.

So, reader, if you plan to alert a client to the power of an attention-grabbing, live-read advertising message running on every major metro commercial radio station in the country and a swag of regionals, your anchor at Media Tonic is Lisa Lind, or in her absence, David Fare. 9388 7844.

Beauty and brains

Firstly, this is one of the most beautiful ads I’ve ever seen. Secondly, poetry.

Thirdly; here’s the delicious follow-up, featuring scientists with nice hair.

Colossal campaign.

Never stop yelling

Sometimes you’re watching an ad and for a while you’re just watching the ad, and then there’s a particular moment when it gets you; a punch in the stomach that releases pent up emotion. In this shouty Nike ad, for me, it’s the 47 second mark, with the girl and the line about having their faces carved on Mount Rushmore. What the hell? I’m a guy, I don’t like soccer and I’m not even American.

Hire more women

Then they can make more advertising about gender politics.

L'Oreal ad with lipstick as colums on a bar chart showing 15% higher profits if 30% of leaders are women. Headline says 'This is an ad for men'.

Here’s two bob’s worth: the ad works better without the top line.

Meanwhile, in Australia

The Australian Women’s Weekly (with Adnews and M&C Saatchi) recently commissioned research into advertising to Australian women over the past 80 years. It highlights some opportunities.

Webby for ASIS

Screenshot of prospective applicant

Congratulations the Government. ASIS took off a Webby Award for their site ‘The Most Interesting Job Interview’, a recruitment campaign for Australia’s spy agency. [Australian spies good. Foreign spies bad.]

400,000 people have taken the simulated job interview. Click the friendly-looking spy to join the club.

New Zealand also won a Webby for best use of animation on a website. Well done ‘bro. Just keep your evil spies out of our country.

Here’s the winner for Best Media Strategy: it’s Amazon Echo’s launch into India. A pre-roll campaign that promoted their music search capability without paying a rupee to music copyright owners. Sigh.

Amazon ECHO – Alexa, Play My Song Case Study from 4judgesonly on Vimeo.

Circular economy

Not to be underestimated. A major brand abandoning the normal manufacturing process and creating a recyclable product.

Shoe comes with authentic communication addressing a real consumer concern: