Ford Credit

Ford have just pulled all vehicle ads in the U.S. and replaced them with this campaign touting credit relief. “Built for America”. A hint of the apocalypse in the soundtrack.

via AdAge.

Social distancing animation

So out of nowhere, the concept of social distancing is universally understood. You’ve probably seen this short animation with a beautifully simply analogy. One graphic designer, 12 second animation, millions of shares, positive impact in a crisis. Well played that man; Spanish-born LA-based graphic designer and director Juan Delcan.

Hero shot, with mould

Lots of industry commentary on the No Preservative Whopper ad which shows the burger attracting mould as it ages. Lifetime Achievement Award for the Food Stylist. “Yeah, we want to show the mould but make it look pretty”.

Visually communicates the product positioning in a memorable way.