eSports company Skillshot and mental health advocates Rise Above the Disorder took mental health professionals into video games and had them talk mental health with gamers. If you watch the ad it’s a little hard to work out what’s going on but I think Spiderboy is down and the bomb is about to be planted.


As students of global culture you are probably aware of BTS, the Korean hip hop group. Four #1 albums in America quicker than anyone since the Beatles, worth $4.6B to the Korean economy each year, cover of Time Magazine, addressed the United Nations General Assembly…

They fronted an ad for the Samsung Galaxy Note phone; makes for an interesting contrast with Australian ad culture.

Samsung launched a branded Galaxy BTS Edition as part of the endorsement. It sold out. You can still buy BTS Edition earbuds though, if you’re quick.


It seems nothing can escape the advertising jingle. In the briefing meeting on reducing methane emissions some creative puts his hand up and says ‘don’t worry guys; I got this: a country n’ western jingle with a kid in a 10 gallon hat’.