Virtually better

This technology is getting so good. Click the image for a best-practice job by Todd  E Media on an AirBnB property.

Night shot of exterior of property showing virtual control buttons

Second E Xample:

David Gerstein’s art is 3D and the virtual gallery lets you get side-on to see the depth of the artwork. First rate integration of virtual tour and artworks for sale.

Gerstein s3D art on wall of gallery: pelaton image


Ogilvy & Mather commissioned a fish printer (not a lucrative niche but it scales well) to create prints using Sagawa soy sauce. Making the point that it’s important to use just the right amount. A D&AD award winner. Don’t know if it sold sauce. Also, what’s that smell?

Highly detailed, beautiful textured print of fish


A Brazilian ad that could also run in the U.S.

Years ago if you pitched this to a client they would have said ‘what the hell has voting got to do with hamburgers?’