Reagan ad

I hope you don’t think we’re being partisan; this is the second ad we’ve posted from the anti-Trump Lincoln Project. It’s audacious. It juxtaposes the soundtrack of an ad run by a previous Republican president with images from the current Republican presidency. To good effect.

The wasted logo

Imagine you’re Daren Newman, given the job of designing the unofficial logo for the Olympic Games. You do the job; you cleverly combine the national flag and the five rings and the design is described by most in the industry as a masterclass in design. Can’t wait for 4 billion people to see that on TV…

Olympics logo. The number 2020 forms the 5 circles; the last is the solid red of the rising sun


It seems nothing can escape the advertising jingle. In the briefing meeting on reducing methane emissions some creative puts his hand up and says ‘don’t worry guys; I got this: a country n’ western jingle with a kid in a 10 gallon hat’.

CNN 40

On one level this is an encapsulation of 40 years of American news stories, on another it’s an account of why we need independent journalism. The climax is Keisha Lance Bottoms’ passionate reminder that all media is local.