We Say…

Think you’ve seen it all?

From the recent Chilean election; this campaign promoting Gabriel Boric, a former student activist who, at 35 is now the country’s youngest president.

The ad was not an official one, sadly, but made by supporters. I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s targeting the politically unengaged. “I don’t care what his policies are. I’m voting for him”.

The lyrics say ‘we’re inviting you to vote, let’s all vote’. Then it talks social services and science-based health care. So as to enhance credibility.

Fortune favours the brave

You already know the crypto.com campaign is epic. Did it need Matt Damon? Maybe not. Did it need great writing and VFX? Yes. But what a clever piece of reframing: crypto is not a high risk investment – it’s proof that you’re a brave innovator. ‘Fortune favours the brave’. Nice job, Romans. Here’s the slick crypto.com puff piece on the campaign.

Nine years old

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