First this:

Billboard that looks like it's fallen, shattering its glass. Ad reads "OOPS"

Then the advertiser, a mobile phone insurance company offering ‘free’ screen replacements, did this follow-up (the front page is translucent):

Gif video showing turning of translucent page revealing same image underneath

A stupendous example of how to leverage innovative outdoor campaigns. Call us with your brilliant idea, or to brainstorm or to brief us. 9328 7844.

Campaign by VCCP London. More detail in Campaign.

Building a digital cathedral

Go back a few hundred years; if you wanted to impress the masses, you used stone and mortar. Even now, when you walk into Notre Dame or Sagrada Familia it has a visceral impact. It says to a puny human being: you are in a place of significance.

Now, that messaging is frequently done with digital imagery (e.g. IBM building the Atlanta Falcons’ new stadium with a 360° 63,000 square foot screen, e.g. Telstra Customer Insight Centre).

Here’s the video about the offices. It’s four minutes, but worth your time.

You might think that’s a lot of effort and expense to impress the couriers, but last count the video of the install had 46 million views.

The work was done by Obscura Digital whose digital projections have graced the Sydney Opera House and the Empire State Building. Worth visiting their site to see the Empire State job for Harper’s Bazaar.

And you should talk to us about digital outdoor advertising. Mark or Dave; on 9388 7844.

How to big vid in 20 secs

American style men’s wear in an English outdoor campaign by BMB London. Product sold exclusively through a Chinese-owned department store. They’re all famous rugby players. One of them forgets to do up the buttons. Beautifully executed. Plays to the strength of OOH, to wit, a great way to start a public conversation.