Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for REIWA Members


Request for Services

This Agreement is conditional upon the REIWA member being a Corporate member of REIWA. All Services cease immediately upon a REIWA member ceasing to be a REIWA member, upon the REIWA member’s REIWA membership being suspended, or as otherwise provided for under this Agreement.

Banner Advertisements

When a REIWA member, as part of its Subscription, is entitled to Banner Advertisements: (a) The Banner Advertising may only relate to the promotion of the REIWA member and its employees; and (b) The Banner Advertisements cannot be used to advertise properties for sale or lease or sold or leased.

Term of this Agreement

This Agreement comes into effect immediately upon REIWA notifying the REIWA member that it will provide the Services to the REIWA member and remains in effect until terminated.

The REIWA member or REIWA may terminate this Agreement without reason by one party giving a minimum thirty (30) days’ prior written notice to the other party.

Cancellation Terms for REIWA.com Advertisers

If you wish to cancel your contract, 30 days notice in writing must be given.  You will be charged for the final 30 days of your contract.