The moustache

Spain’s most famous moustache, formerly attached to soccer legend and Spain team manager, Vicente del Bosque González, gone. Why?

By MullenLowe. Look out Merv Hughes.

Back in a Fortnite

Black screen with black hole and penumbra

A thoughtful article by Josh Taylor in the Guardian on the evolution of narrative in video games, aka Fortnite. Signals and discovery rather than a developing storyline. As you probably know, the series ended with all characters and the asteroid sucked into a black hole. No explanation, no timeline, no promotion of the forthcoming series. And, nice touch; they edited the game servers so they say ‘anomaly detected’. If you visit the web site, it’s just the black hole. With 30,000 or so people watching on, waiting for a clue. That’s just how it goes with black holes.

Breaking news: back online.

Footballers in advertising

The purpose of this post is not to ridicule footballers. It is to encourage them to go to Japan and shoot ads, because they have products there we have not even thought of yet. Cristiano Ronaldo is on to this.

And here is a big free kick to our agency partners in Australia. Steal this concept. Soccer star Luis Suarez inducted into a nine-to-five business.

The in-joke is that he’s famous for cheating, pushing and diving. You’d have to find another in-joke for AFL…

Gunning for change

Turns out there is still hope for America.

The accomplishment of this ad is the participation of the candidates, despite competing with each other for the nomination. It proves that if the goal is big enough, selfish concerns can be overcome.


Look, it’s one thing to notice that the health industry tends to re-use a lot of the same ideas in its advertising. That doesn’t mean you need to make it your life’s work.

montage of multiple health adds using iceberg metaphor

I mean, come on, what’s wrong with a good old iceberg? Give me two other visual metaphors for hidden symptoms. *Taps fingers.