What is your TikTok strategy

The Washington Post is killing it on TikTok, with 9 million likes and a big youth following. What sort of content? I guess you’d say not long form.

TikTok is completely out of control.

Good Vibes

Indian ad for the Samsung Good Vibes app, which helps deafblind people communicate. Seems like a better innovation than another camera…

Good talent, especially the child. You may need Kleenex.

Swipe Night

Tinder’s interactive series – swipe left or right to direct the plot – is US only at present. There’s an opportunity to date real people post-episode. Will it increase engagement? Or marriage? I remember when storytelling was limited to books, movies and Sixty Minutes. Here’s the YouTube version. It’s not very interactive.

The moustache

Spain’s most famous moustache, formerly attached to soccer legend and Spain team manager, Vicente del Bosque González, gone. Why?

By MullenLowe. Look out Merv Hughes.

Back in a Fortnite

Black screen with black hole and penumbra

A thoughtful article by Josh Taylor in the Guardian on the evolution of narrative in video games, aka Fortnite. Signals and discovery rather than a developing storyline. As you probably know, the series ended with all characters and the asteroid sucked into a black hole. No explanation, no timeline, no promotion of the forthcoming series. And, nice touch; they edited the game servers so they say ‘anomaly detected’. If you visit the web site, it’s just the black hole. With 30,000 or so people watching on, waiting for a clue. That’s just how it goes with black holes.

Breaking news: back online.