One shot, many outcomes

Look, we probably don’t watch as many all-boy teen band videos as we should (apparently filmicly gorgeous one-shot videos are Ok Go’s thing) but there are a number of interesting aspects to their video, apart from fabulousness.

An outstanding piece of product placement using Honda Uni-Cubs before the things are even launched. Outstanding because it adds to the video as well as promotes the product. It’s written up a bit here.

Filmed using Honda drones; well naturally.

And a terrific piece of digital interactive interpretation, where fans can design their own overhead choreographed square-dance-unicycle-I-don’t-even-know-what-else-never-had-that-sort-of-thing-in-my-day pre-visualisation thingy. Takes a few minutes to load.

Michael Nesmith (of the Monkeys) once prophesied that future rock songs would not succeed without great videos. Will soon need interactive digital too.