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  • Help is on the way
  • Fiverr
  • Honest menus
  • Life lollies
  • Reality vs Perception
  • When lawyers disagree
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Help is on the way

Dr Rick is helping new homeowners who turn into their parents.

More here. Still more.


This is a longer video than we normally feature. It’s to demo an excellent use of longer form video as a storytelling medium. Instead of ‘look at the value for money on Fiverr’, it’s ‘look at the detailed, diverse work’.

Presenter needs to stop saying ‘pretty insane’. What; 45%?

Honest menus

The proprietor of the Aunt Dai restaurant in Montreal comments on all the dishes. The food is well-regarded, the menus are cherished.

Menu item. 'Comparing to our General Tao Chicken, this one is not that good. Anyway, I'm not a big fan of North American Chinese food but it's your call'.

Menu item: This is new on our menu. I did not have chance to try this one yet. According to customers this one is very popular. Looks like I should spend more time eating in my own restaurant.

Via (includes more menus)

Life lollies

How to encourage young people to donate blood. Free sweets.

Cannes Lion in 2019.

Reality vs Perception

Poetry doing its thing.

The author, Tyler Lockett, is a Wide Receiver for the Seattle Seahawks and a published poet.

When lawyers disagree

Two T-shirts side by side. One says 'It's Pleaded'. Other: 'It's Pled'.


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