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  • Investment advice
  • AI and vision impairment
  • Said no-one at Apple:
  • Francis Ford Coppola
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Screen capture
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Investment advice

Buy shares in waterslides.

AI and vision impairment

What a time to be alive.

And here’s Sal Khan and son laying out ChatGPT4o’s superb teaching capabilities.
More wonder on the launch page.

Said no-one at Apple:

“Does anyone have a concern that showing us crushing symbols of art might upset some of the creatives who are losing their jobs to technology?”

Francis Ford Coppola

Megalopolis. He had the idea for the film in 1977. Wrote 400 pages of script and film notes in 1983. Paused it after 9/11 (it’s about a post-apocalyptic New York). Has re-written the script 300 times since 2009. Self-financed to the tune of US$125M. Release date 17th May.

via @TrungTPhan.

Hyaluronic acid

Ordinary is a brand that advocates for transparency in the beauty industry, notable for its straight naming convention. Great site.

Screen capture

Remember ads with people in them?

This week in the U.S., Google is rolling out their integration of search and generative AI. Straight old ‘Google Search’ is history.

Try watching the launch ad without music…

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