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  • Step away from the scissors
  • Quarantine
  • Politically correcting old ads
  • Women’s World Cup ad
  • Clever, low-key approach
  • Now for something completely different
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Step away from the scissors

Lockdown is ending in the UK and people are going to be able to go to the hairdressers.


Another big budget ad from Google.

Politically correcting old ads

Eli Rezkallah took old ads with disempowering gender stereotypes and role-reversed them.

Woman spanking man in business suit. "If your wife ever finds out you're not store-testing for fresher coffee"

You can buy them as posters here.

Women’s World Cup ad

Germany kicks freckle.

Clever, low-key approach

No needles in sight; just that well-known connection between sporting events and vaccinations.

Now for something completely different

An ad with no COVID.

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