Virtually better

This technology is getting so good. Click the image for a best-practice job by Todd  E Media on an AirBnB property.

Night shot of exterior of property showing virtual control buttons

Second E Xample:

David Gerstein’s art is 3D and the virtual gallery lets you get side-on to see the depth of the artwork. First rate integration of virtual tour and artworks for sale.

Gerstein s3D art on wall of gallery: pelaton image

Analog drives digital

Here’s a clever promotion for Audi – positioning the company as a thought leader in urban transport technology. It takes a digital concept, turns it into an analog representation, then promotes it digitally, on video.

Via @Mashable


An ad for Banksy’s Bemusement Park in the U.K. It’s a postmodern despair theme park. I love that they sell “I am an imbecile” balloons for kids to carry around.

As for the ad, it’s not bad; they could have enhanced the ennui. The product is a sophisticated offering; don’t try too hard. We would have gone with ‘overrated’ as the tag line.