Royal Tiff

Tiffany & Co (an affiliate of Gregory and Gregory) completely went to town on the Royal Wedding, live streaming it on DOOH and running a beautiful campaign on the recently renovated Piccadilly Lights.

Live streaming has become a killer app for DOOH, creating excitement or just spreading the love.

KFC Twitter joke


Tweet: KFC only follows 11 people. 5 Spice Girls & 6 guys named Herb.

It worked beautifully to let someone else discover the fact (or they seeded it). Lots of the follow-up conversation was about how clever @edgette22 was to work it out. Obviously some kind of genius. Anyway, 175,000 retweets and who knows how many impressions via Media Tonic?Save




Magic Leap

What’s impressive in this video is the line at the bottom of the screen.

Mixed reality is getting closer. Which is great, because augmented reality and virtual reality are very 2009.

The Magic Leap technology projects a digital light field into your eyes which magically disintermediates screens and the TV industry.

It’s a Florida startup that has raised $1.4B, you read that correctly, from investors that include Google, Alibaba, and the 40 thieves.

See you in my eyeballs.

2016, in a nutshell

Good example of mining your data for story-telling potential. Music streaming service Spotify is running its first global outdoor campaign with the theme, “Thanks 2016, It’s Been Weird”.

Outdoor ad: Dear 3,479 people who streamed 'It's the end of the world as we know it' the day of the Brexit vote, HANG IN THERE.

Another billboard reads, “Dear person who played ‘Sorry’ 42 times on Valentine’s Day: WHAT DID YOU DO?”



Pickworth and Kingston

Two new digital people at Media Tonic as we gear up for further digital representations. [Current properties include and RAeDIUM Digital Media].

Warwick Kingston will be Digital and Strategy Director on December 5th. He joins us from 303 MullenLowe and has twelve years’ experience in the digital realm.

Amy Pickworth has already started as Digital Account Manager. Her experience includes Seven West Media and Ikon Communications.

Kingston and Pickworth join Darren Pashen on the digital team. Darren is Digital Operations Manager.

Amy Pickworth, Warwick Kingston

Photo Amy Pickworth and Warwick Kingston

Ogilvy on Dance Music

That famous ad man David Ogilvy said a billboard should contain not more than seven words.

Oscar Powell runs a record label and is also a recording artist. He wanted to use a vocal sample on his song Insomniac from Steve Albini, a singer/songwriter, music journalist and a recording engineer of some renown. So he emailed Steve to ask permission.

Steve emailed back a rant about how much he hated Powell’s music genre but added, ‘do whatever you like’.

And in an inspired piece of promotion, Powell reproduced the whole email on a billboard.

Email text on a billboard

It did not catapult Insomniac to the Billboard HOT 100. Here is the song. Draw your own conclusions.