Fake Advertising

Fox staged a convincing prank during the Super Bowl for their TUBI streaming service. An ad that LOOKED LIKE legitimate football commentary was suddenly interrupted by what LOOKED LIKE you’d hit the remote to search TUBI. Thousands of Americans scrambled for the remote. I wonder if they then thought, ‘hey, I should subscribe to that!’

Clever Pants Award

Media Tonic’s coveted Clever Pants Award goes to Coinbase for their 2022 Superbowl ad. Here it is:

I’m sitting watching the Superbowl on Monday at the Varsity Sports Bar in Fremantle. The place is packed. The Coinbase ad comes on and after a full minute, when the QR code reaches the corner of the screen, all the jocks yell out like it’s a touchdown.

It’s a cultural reference to The Office. Here’s the clip: