We’re big in Japan

Japanese characters for REI and WA

Media Tonic client reiwa.com is big in Japan. On April 1st (not a joke) 70% of Reiwa’s web traffic came from Japan.

When Emperor Akihito abdicates on May 1st, Japan will end the Heisei era. On April 1st they announced the name of the new era: Reiwa, causing a surge in web searches that landed in the highly trafficked, content-rich, you-should-be-advertising-on WA property portal.

372,000 hits on twitter in the first hour. In Japanese the new name signifies fortune, peace and harmony, which completely sums up Reiwa, Media Tonic and all of our client base. *bows deeply*

Your reiwa.com contact at Media Tonic is Sebastian Tatur. Brought up in a fishing village in rural Japan, Sebastian worked in a Pachinko parlour, saving up enough money to travel to Australia, where he was immediately offered a sales executive role in the Seven West Media real estate team.

Sebastian Tatur

Enticed to Media Tonic with a seven-figure salary, he’s now Digital Sales Manager, which funds his dual passions of bonsai and origami.

You can call Tatur-san on 9388 7844 to advertise on reiwa.com.

Find your place

RealEstateView homepage screenshot

Media Tonic is now responsible for advertising sales of realestateVIEW.com on a national basis.

It’s one of Australia’s leading real estate portals, reaching over a million unique visitors monthly, and having 260,000 email subscribers and 147,000 app downloads. realestateVIEW.com.au is owned and operated by real estate institutes across Australia.

The representation includes the portals businessesVIEW.com.au (Victoria’s leading business broking site), holidayVIEW.com.au, ruralVIEW.com.au and propertyDATA.com.au.

It’s an opportune time; the portal has been redesigned and now enjoys a user experience advantage over competition. The site is also qualitatively different to a straight classifieds site – partly because of interface design and partly because it offers data, insights and general advice as well as listings. It’s a data-rich site, highly valued by serious buyers and sellers.

realestateVIEW.com.au is a significant digital asset in Media Tonic’s portfolio and gives national advertisers a buying synergy with WA’s principal portal, reiwa.com.

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