Bauer to Love

TGA_Bauer_facetAndrea Salmon is the Sales Director at Bauer Media Group.

Last week we jointly briefed Perth agencies on the Bauer To Love Women’s Network. Those with clearly defined female demographics will find the presentation valuable.

You might also want an update on their suite of dominant industry-specific magazines and digital products.

You can still get the full briefing from Trent McKeown.

08 9388 7844

This ad is real


Latest campaign by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America touting REAL outdoor as a necessary part of a media buy *nods*.

There are generic billboards as well as site-specific, targeting particular agencies and in some cases their digital directors by name. Here’s a selection of the ads.

Stop Calling it Advertising

brad_jakemanBrad Jakeman, president of PepsiCo’s global beverage group has delivered a ‘fiery, truth-telling presentation’ at an ANA conference in Florida.

He’s suggested we stop using the terms ‘advertising’ and ‘digital marketing’.

What should we be calling them instead?

Put your suggestions on our Facebook page or heck, just tell us on the phone.

There’ll be a prize, but we’re not calling it a prize. Maybe a wine-related inducement.


Link to Ad Age article.