World Orca Day

Billboard with orca in tank: 'Captive Orcas Live in Tanks the Size of This Screen'

The Born Free Foundation use digital interactive like this: You text a donation to the charity and the orca JUMPS OUT of the screen and swims to freedom via other screens in the vicinity. A new orca then appears in the tank, waiting for the next liberating donation. Is that cool fund-raising OR WHAT? Spin up an idea and talk to us about interactive. 9388 7844.

Happy World Orca Day: July 14th.

Full case study with the normal blah blah.



Here’s Nike and JCDecaux completely dominating the Metro in Santiago, Chilé with Out of Home. Don’t watch the whole thing; 30 seconds makes the point. Here’s what hit me watching it; what a great experience they’re delivering for the traveller.

*pokes Australian transport authorities