Kaepernick ad

The ad credited with adding 7% (about US$6 billion) to Nike’s stock value in a couple of weeks. Big win and a big risk for the CEO, Mark Parker, who took a 71% pay cut last year in view of lower sales.

Great writing, great authentic-looking footage, right on brand.

Bloody Ad Age

… won’t let you embed videos on a website but it’s worth following this link to see world’s best practice in viral outdoor advertising. To promote Sacha Baron Cohen’s Who Is America series, they parodied Trump’s Build That Wall meme by building (overnight) large pop-up walls in front of three Mexican restaurants.

Who cares that they had to pull them down straight away; footage captured and shared, and millions in TV and Internet exposure in the bank. Simple formula: mix current affairs and humour, snapshot it and reap the benefits.

Westworld at SXSW

HBO blitzed it at SXSW, successfully promoting the new series of Westworld by busing fans and journalists to a replica Sweetwater in the dead of night. From the BI article about it: HBO hired a cast of 60 actors, six stuntpeople, five bands, and six horses to bring “Westworld” to life. A script for the 90-minute experience is more than 440 pages long.

Video report by Engadget: