March for Giants

Nominee (and probable winner) in the Creative Out of Home Awards – March for Giants has already raised $200,000 in donations for big animals on a tiny budget. How they did this: sold images of branded elephants and marched them across digital screens worldwide. Individuals could donate small amounts and see their branded elephant on screen.

Powerful concept; worked its socks off, and engaging the individuals helped campaign visibility. 340,000 screen impacts (whatever that means) and 38 million Twitter impressions. Celebrity involvement, lots of buzz, everybody happy.

First this:

Billboard that looks like it's fallen, shattering its glass. Ad reads "OOPS"

Then the advertiser, a mobile phone insurance company offering ‘free’ screen replacements, did this follow-up (the front page is translucent):

Gif video showing turning of translucent page revealing same image underneath

A stupendous example of how to leverage innovative outdoor campaigns. Call us with your brilliant idea, or to brainstorm or to brief us. 9328 7844.

Campaign by VCCP London. More detail in Campaign.