‘To change what we see we have to change what we share’.

Hacking Facebook with positive messaging.

Royal Tiff

Tiffany & Co (an affiliate of Gregory and Gregory) completely went to town on the Royal Wedding, live streaming it on DOOH and running a beautiful campaign on the recently renovated Piccadilly Lights.

Live streaming has become a killer app for DOOH, creating excitement or just spreading the love.

KFC Twitter joke


Tweet: KFC only follows 11 people. 5 Spice Girls & 6 guys named Herb.

It worked beautifully to let someone else discover the fact (or they seeded it). Lots of the follow-up conversation was about how clever @edgette22 was to work it out. Obviously some kind of genius. Anyway, 175,000 retweets and who knows how many impressions via Media Tonic?Save